Do contact me if you have any questions about one-to-ones, or if you’d like to talk about a bespoke workshop or collaborating on an event.

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Yoga one-to-one

An hour, in person or online on Zoom
Feel like you’d like a more personal class or session? Contact me to book in for a one-to-one class to explore your practice and enjoy a tailor-made session. Great for beginners to get some bespoke guidance, or if you are returning to moving and yoga after illness and an injury. Build confidence in you body and practice and ask all the questions you don’t want to in a big class!
You can book a one-off session or a regular slot to keep you on the yoga wagon.


Contact me for more info and to book.


In-person –
£50 per session or book a series of 5  for £225

Zoom – £45 per session or book a series of 5  for £210

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Mindful MOT one-to-one

45 minutes, online on Zoom

In this 45 minute Zoom session we’ll explore your meditation practice (or lack of it!) and explore practical ways that you could develop what you are doing to fit you.

You’ll get a chance to ask about any of the different meditation techniques, as well as the ideas and ‘theory’ of mindfulness.

We’ll also look at any particular difficulties or issues you’d like to address through your mindfulness practice, such as managing stress, disrupted sleep, chronic pain or an over-bearing internal critic, and which meditations and activities could help you with these.

It’s not all about meditating, we’ll also cover practical and realistic ways that you can bring more mindfulness to the rest of your life.

Each session will end with a brief meditation, just for you.

You could book a one-off session just to talk through any burning questions that have been bothering you, or you might like to have a regular slot  (monthly, for example) to keep you on the mindfulness track.

Contact me for more info and to book.


Cost:  In-person £45/£35 conc, online £40/£30 conc


If you’d rather book a session with a friend (or two), I also offer small, private classes. Costs for these depend on the number of people and whether we’re in-person or online. Just drop me a message to discuss.