Mindfulness at work

Are you worried about your team’s mental health and well-being? Do they seem stressed out, burned out and on edge?  All this uncertainty and pressure is impacting on all of our lives.  

Maybe you’ve thought about ways to help but nothing seems quite right. Too hippy? Too corporate?

I’m a graphic designer as well as a mindfulness teacher so I get it. I offer online workplace mindfulness sessions, including those that are specifically designed for us working in the arts and creative industries. 

Do contact me if you have any questions or to book a taster session.

The Mindful Creative Club 

Online sessions tailored for your team


I teach practical, simple mindfulness and meditation techniques that are proven to:
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve resilience and satisfaction
  • boost positivity and concentration
  • unleash creativity, flexibility and sense of purpose
My short, focused and calming zoom sessions introduce down-to-earth, practical tips and exercises as well as brief meditations.

See a bit more about what we do and why here but the best way to see if it suits you and your team is to give it a go.  


give your team a bit of a breather