Do contact me if you have any questions about yoga, or if you’d like to talk about a bespoke workshop or collaborating on an event.

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Morning Mindful Yoga

Every Wednesday 8:45 – 10:00 am 
In person at The Yoga Rooms or online on Zoom
Suitable for beginners & all Levels.
These gentle but invigorating mindful yoga classes will bring a nourishing pause and an energising flow to your week.

We’ll explore what our bodies do (and maybe don’t do) – with kindness, fun and curiosity. The postures are simple and we’ll focus as much on the movements and stillness between as the shapes themselves.

Mindfulness, kindness and breath work are woven into the practice. It’s not about getting into a posture at any cost, more about moving between and being curious and kind about what our bodies need and love.

All bodies and abilities are welcome, whether you are brand new to yoga, a regular that wants to try a class with a different emphasis or you’re returning to yoga after a gap.

‘If you’re not aware of what your body needs, you can’t take care of it. Only by getting in touch with your body, by connecting viscerally with your self, can you regain a sense of who you are, your priorities and values.’

Bessel Van Der Kolk


Contact me for more info and to book.


Cost:  £10/£8 conc – or £50/£40 for 6 sessions

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Saturday Workshop

Saturday 11 March 2023 – 1:30pm-4pm
In person at The Yoga Rooms


This relaxing yoga & mindfulness mini retreat is a reset for the mind and body.

You’ll use positive and gentle practices from yoga, mindfulness and breath awareness to explore and seek out what your mind and body need, not what you (or others) think you ‘ought’ to do or to be.

You’ll tune in to find what’s going to support you in the new year to improve your emotional state and physical being.

As well as having a fun, restful afternoon, you’ll leave with strategies to use in the day-to-day to bring you more calm and purpose.

All bodies and abilities are welcome. We’ll have plenty of time to move and to rest.

Come along to free up and relax your body, calm your mind and learn some new skills for a happier life.

Contact me for more info and to book.


Cost:  £30/£25 conc 

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