meet me

I’m Bridget and I run Mindful Manchester.  I am a Breathworks accredited mindfulness teacher and Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited Yoga teacher who teaches online and at The Yoga Rooms in Chorlton.

I’ve been practicing yoga for 25 years.  I stumbled upon mindfulness when I was suffering from anxiety and depression. I found that it helped in a long-lasting way that other interventions hadn’t. Initially very sceptical, I gradually realised that the more I practiced, the better able to cope with life’s ups and downs I became. Eventually convinced by its gentle wisdom, I decided to train to teach mindfulness. 

You might not have come across somatics before.  ‘Soma’ means the living body in all its amazing wholeness, so in the somatics-based sequences we take the awareness inside and use the brain to take charge of the body. We’re rewiring the brain to rebalance and release in the body.  With simple, small movements we connect the brain back up with muscles that have forgotten how to fully relax.

When not sitting with my eyes closed (not as much as you’d think) or teaching other people how to sit with their eyes closed, I’m also a graphic designer.